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What size washing machine should I buy?

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Buying a new washing machine doesn’t have to be daunting, yes you do have a lot of choice but that’s a good thing (maybe not for a sustainability point of view!).  You should be able to find a washing machine that suits then needs of you and your family.

measure twice, buy once

Before you can decide on what size of washing machine you are going to buy you need to decide on the space that’s going to house your new washing machine First step will be to measure the space and ensure you have enough room for the machine you want to buy.
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Why Are Annual Running Cost’s Important to Know?

When comparing prices of electrical appliances such as air-conditioners, fridges & washing machines etc.  It’s important to also think about the annual running cost and not only the price.  While getting the cheapest washing machine may be important to you right now, what about in 3 months’ time when you get your electricity bill and it’s increased by $100 because of your purchase.
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