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What is a stacking Kit?

stacked washing machine and dryer both white

When you set out to buy your new washing machine and dryer you might notice that some can be stacked or come with a stacking kit, if you’re asking yourself, can my machines be stacked? how do I use a stacking kit? or what is a stacking kit? read on and we will answer all your questions!
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Plastics are not fantastic


It seems that the relationship we have with plastics just goes from bad to worse.  Now a major concern is the Microfibers found in clothes.  I don’t think people understand what a plague these are on the ocean and beaches.

When you put your clothes into your washing machine thousands of microfibers are washed off and travel through the sewage system and make it into our waterways.  It seems never ending with plastics from microbeads to plastic bags can anyone truly live a plastic free life?
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Buy Less by Buying Smart

In today’s society we should be focused on not just buying less but making smarter purchases. After all you don’t want to buy a new Fridge Freezer then discover in a few months you need to buy a new bar fridge as well to fit everything in.

Always look for a recycled option first especially when it comes to white goods, you’ll get a great deal and help reduce your carbon foot print. Here are some steps to follow before buying any appliances, which should make your purchase the last one for a very long time!
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Getting the Most From your Appliances

home appliances


When it comes to energy, we should always try to save as much as possible. Not only are we saving money and the planet, but we are also saving up on the stress we would have from seeing large bills at the end of the month. The rule of thumb is simple; to buy cheap appliances who are energy efficient and that allow us to save energy which will, in return, help us save money.
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