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Washing Machine Questions Answered!

washing machine

There are lots of things that can go wrong with your washing machine, most are simple and easy to fix, you just need to know how. Some can have disastrous consequences resulting in either you ruining the clothes in the washing machine or worse yet breaking the washing machine itself. Here are some issues you may come across and how to solve them.

1. My phone is in my pocket and I put it in the washing machine and turned it on!!!
Unfortunately, this is coming from personal experience! I did it today and when I realised what I had done it was panic stations! If I had a top loader this would not have been an issue, simply lift the lid and pull it out. With a front load washing machine, the door automatically locks to stop the water flooding out onto your laundry floor. You need to stop the cycle then drain the machine before it will let you open the door. Luckily, I was quick to act and got it out in time to set the hair dryer on it!
2. My Front Loader door won’t unlock at the end of the cycle
This happened to my first machine that I bought, as mentioned above Front load washing machines need to stay locked to prevent water, in some cases very hot water and you don’t want this to be spilled all over your laundry floor, especially if you have little people running around.
A few reasons this might have happened, a piece of clothing may have got jammed on the door on the way in, there may be an issue with the end of cycle notification or the washing machine may not be draining properly. A few ways to fix the problem might be:
• You can try and rectify it yourself by turning the machine on and off, a good old fashion power cycle should be your first step.
• If you think clothes are jammed, run a short cycle this will get the clothes moving and unjam the door.
• Check your drainage hose for any blockages if you think that the machine is not draining properly.
Failing that contact the manufacture and they will give you some suggestions and guidance.
3. My washing machine keeps dancing around
To prevent this from damaging the machine or cracking the tiles on your laundry floor firstly check that the machine is level, ensure it’s on a level surface and where required adjust the feet to ensure that they are even. I have a towel under my washing machine that helps stop it from jigging around. Don’t overload your drum, especially with heavy material like towels or blankets, this can cause the drum to work harder making it dance, reduce the load if it’s moving around.
4. My machine is a bit stinky
Machines can get a bit smelly over time with mold or the dirt and grim from your clothes sticking to the machine, this problem is easily fixed and you can do it without chemicals. Simply add a cup of vinegar or lemon juice to the machine and run it on a warm cycle and when it’s done the machine with be smelling fantastic!
Do you have any tips to share on how you fix issues with your washing machine? We would love to hear from you!
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