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What Fan to buy to stay cool?

Picture of fans for sale on the save energy save money website

Spring can be a funny month with different extremes of weather from roasting hot to freezing cold and anywhere in between.  Air conditioners are not always practical or affordable and a Fan is the next best option.  It might be the 2nd best option for most people however it’s certainly the most energy efficient option. Bang for buck, we are a fan of the fan!

So when you’re looking for a refreshing breeze to keep you cool during these hot Australian months, here are a few things to keep in mind before you start shopping, don’t forget to check out our buying guide so you don’t regret a purchase ever again!

What size fan should I buy?

picture of fan blowing red ribbon

It’s important to buy a fan that’s the right size for the space, and to also ensure you match the function of the space to the fan.  What do we mean by this? Well if you buy a massive fan for a small office space its simply going to blow everything around a could be more like a gale force wind rather than a gentle cooling breeze!

On the other side of the coin, buying a fan that’s too small will not provide you with any relief from the Australian heat!  Ensure that the fan is positioned where it will provide you with maximum relief from the heat but won’t blow the content of the room around.  The only thing in the room that should be enjoying the benefits from your fan is you and the other occupants.

Desk Fans

Dyson AM06 Blue Iron bladless fan

Desk Fan AM06 Blue / Iron 301203-01

Desk fans are great to have in the office, it can reduce the overall heating and cooling bills as they may prevent the need to turn you’re A/C unit on or at least work the A/C less as a result of the fan.  They keep you suitably cool at your desk, just ensure that all your paper work is not in reach.  Although these days we should really be working in a paper free environment!

Pedestal Fans

Kambrooks white pedestal fan

Kambrook KPF849WHT Electric Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans usually come with an oscillate function which is great for moving the air around the room.  Did you know that sitting next to a fan can make you feel 4degrees cooler?  Position the fan in the right spot of the room to ensure everyone benefits from the cooling breeze.  On hot days if it’s just you in the room simply change the setting from oscillate and you’ll benefit from nonstop cooling.

Tower fans

Sunbeam tower fan

Sunbeam FA7550 Tower Fan

These fans are great for covering larger area’s, when used correctly they can cool the whole room from floor to ceiling.  Remember and keep the room closed off to other area’s of the house so your only cooling the room you’re in.  These fans are easily ported from room to room with you and won’t break the bank with your next energy bill.

Tower fans are great if you’re short on space as they have a compact design that can easily be stored away when not in use.

Floor and Wall Fans

Midea floor fan

Midea FT45-14AP Electric Fan

While floor fans are more bulky in design they are great for summer cooling, most floor fans can be angled to ensure they give you all over cooling just where and when you need it.

Wall fans can provide you with the same level of comfort as a floor fan, however the major benefit is that its off the floor so won’t get in your way.  This is useful if you have little ones running around who like to stick their fingers between the grills.

What’s the deal with Bladeless Fans?

If you’re looking to buy a bladeless fan you’ll be looking to shell out, fans with blades are an affordable and efficient way of cooling you or your room.  However, there are many draw backs to fans with blades and grills, they accumulate dirt and grime and will need regular cleaning, and if there are tiny humans running around your home they often like to stick their fingers in between the grills.

Dyson is the most common bladeless fan on the market at the moment and would be looking to set you back anywhere between $400 and $1000 depending on what type and size you would like to buy.  Other brands are venturing onto the market with the bladeless technology so keep an eye out, the more that comes on the market the cheaper they will become.

What can you expect from a bladeless fan?  Let me tell you if you invest in one you won’t be disappointed, they provide you with a constant stream of air rather than chopped up air that your bladed fan will provide you with.  Which is shown in the picture below:

Dyson bladless fan's air flow

source: CNET

Experts will argue that there are blades on these fans, they are just concealed inside and power the air flow.  However as they are concealed inside you have no danger of getting fingers or hair caught up in the fan.

If you have the extra $$ to spend on a fan you won’t be disappointed investing in a bladeless fan.


Fans can make noise for a few reasons, firstly it could be a manufacturer fault.  Fans are easily put together however don’t be tempted to take them apart unless you put it together yourself as you will invalidate your warranty and may end up putting it together wrong making the problem worse.  Contact the manufacturer who can talk you through some trouble shooting or replace the fan if required.

Your fan may rattle when oscillating, double check it’s not banging onto something on the way round, ensure it’s clear from obstructions and gets a clear run.  Your fan needs to be on a stable surface, if you have a fluffy carpet you might need to sit the fan on a solid surface to prevent it from rattling.

Here is how to put a pedestal fan together and its different functions:

Oscillating and other Functions

Most fans will come with an oscillating function which allows you to cool the room rather than just pointing at one-point, other functions can be a tilt axis which give the fan further reach through you room.

Most fans come with variable speeds, Low, Medium and high other fans may have dial controls allowing you to find the perfect breeze for you and your home.  Some fans even come with a handy remote control allowing you to adjust the speed from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

A timer function is a must especially if you like to fall asleep with your fan on, you can set your fan to come on and off when you need it, so you don’t wake up freezing in the middle of the night with your fan still pumping.

Still Not Sure?

If you’re still not sure what fan is right for you, email one of our helpful team with your questions at enquires@saveenergysavemoney.com.au or alternatively leave a comment below and we will get back to you shortly, we are here to help match you make an informed purchase when it comes to buying your new fan!

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