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What heater to use in my bedroom?

How to turn up the heat in your bedroom, literally!

BOOM! Winter has arrived and judging by the amount of questions on what heater to buy for your home it looks like we are not the only ones feeling the pinch.  A lot of bedroom related question this week so I thought I would answer them all for you here.  Please feel free to comment below if you have further questions and we will get back to you.

Most of the question coming through this week are bedroom related and I must say I don’t blame you, no one likes to go to bed in a cold room and slip into a cold bed, not very inviting.  On the flip side who wants to get out of bed in the morning if its freezing?

Don’t stress! There is a lot that you can do to keep your toes toasty that won’t break the bank and keep those winter energy bills in check.

Firstly and probably the most cost effective way to heat your bed and yourself is to buy an electric blanket, they will cost you less than $10 a year to run and that’s me being very generous. It’s probably closer to $5 a year to run, check the annual running cost out on the SESM website.  The usage criteria is based on 1 hour usage 90 days per year, even if you double this you won’t exceed the $10 running cost.

Ok now your bed is sorted and if we are being honest hopping into a warm bed should solve the issue at night once you get under your warm doona and covers you won’t need to rely on an electric heater.  Set timer switches so the electric blanket is turned off automatically once you fall asleep, that way you won’t be burning through your electricity needlessly.  If you find your kicking the covers off your wasting electricity.

The morning is a whole new ball game, if your bed is nice and toasty where is the incentive to get up and get ready for the day?  This is where you may need to rely on your reverse cycle air-conditioned or electric heater.  Buy one with a timer that allows you to set the appliance to come on 30 mins before you’re due to get up.  Set the thermostat to a comfortable 22 degrees (we usually recommend between 18 and 20 degrees during the day, however in the morning you may like me need a little extra help getting out of bed).  Your room will be toasty warm you can rise out of bed pop your house coat and slippers on and go about getting ready for the day.

Once you’re out of bed your day can begin I find my challenge is getting out of bed in winter, the colder it gets the longer I want to snooze in for!

Before you buy a new heater think about what you want to use it for, fan heaters are great for a quick instant heat but can be noisy and not ideal for bedrooms if you want to use them at night.  Panel heaters are usually silent during operation making them ideal for bedrooms, especially if you have any tiny humans in your house and need to heat their rooms at night.

Check out our buying guide to help narrow down the search for your next electric heater.

Remember and keep your windows and curtains closed when it starts to cool down and trap in that cold air, snuggling up next to your loved one or dog is another good way to raise your body temperature during the cooler months.

We would love to hear from you, do you have any tips to share with us? Comment below and share with the community….

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Julie Moore is Co-founder & Director of Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s first energy and price comparison website. With over 10 years’ experience in the corporate world Julie ensures Save Energy Save Money provides you with the energy information you need to make informed decisions. Helping to contribute to a more sustainable Australia.

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