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What is a stacking Kit?

stacked washing machine and dryer both white

When you set out to buy your new washing machine and dryer you might notice that some can be stacked or come with a stacking kit, if you’re asking yourself, can my machines be stacked? how do I use a stacking kit? or what is a stacking kit? read on and we will answer all your questions!

What does Stacking Mean?

You don’t need to rush out and buy a new washer dryer, your existing appliance may be able to be stacked.  Quite simply it means as the picture above suggests your washer dryer being stacked one on top of the other.

The dryer is on top and the washing machine is on the bottom.  Laundry’s usually have limited space so stacking your appliances one on top of the other is a good way to create extra room for storage.  Even if you have a very spacious laundry think of the possibilities you can do with the extra space.

Don’t despair if your machines can’t be stacked as some dryers can be mounted directly onto the wall, for example above your laundry sink as with the picture below.  This way you can utilise up an unused area on the wall and clear up some floor space to use.

wall mounted vented tumble dryer

What does the stacking kit do?

The stacking kit comes with some purchases or can be purchased as a separate accessory when you buy your washing machine or dryer.  The kit is self simply allows for you to stack your dryer on top of your washing machine.

Before you rush out and buy a stacking kit always check that your washer and dryer are compatible and can be stacked onto of each other, not all machines can be stacked.

Stacking kits are designed to dispense the weight of a dryer on top of a washer as mentioned previously, and to absorb vibrations from your washing machine and dryer when they are operating. This prevents your dryer falling to the ground when either appliance is running, if this was to happen this would be a tragedy for both the appliances and your laundry floor

What else can a stacking kit do?
As with most things these days you can pay a little extra for bells and whistles.  Most standard stacking kits come with either suction pads or clips to stack your machines together, these will usually be at the lower end of the price scale.

If you wish to shell out a little more you can buy a stacking kit with inbuilt shelves, allowing you to fold your laundry onto it as you take it out the dryer, ha ha, yeah right, does anyone actually do that?  I know it’s what should happen but some how it just never does!  In which case you can sit your laundry on this shelf while you have a load in the washing machine and dryer until you absolutely run out of space then you can start folding the washing!

Alternatively, you can store your clean products or other little laundry nick nacks on the shelf.

How do I know what machine’s can be stacked?

It’s difficult to stack different brands on top of each other, most of the time you can only stack specific washer dryer combination for specific brands.  Just because you have a Bosch washing machine it doesn’t mean your Bosch dryer can be stacked on top of it.

Check the manufactures guidelines on which machines can be stacked with which, usually when your buying your machine it will list what other appliances it can be stacked with.

What else can I do if I can’t get a stacking kit?
Rubber mat for stacking washing machine and dryer

You have 2 options, you can either buy a rubber mat similar to the one in the picture above. This Mat is designed as a non-slip surface that cushions the dryer as it sits on top of your front loading washing machine, the mat is quite versatile and can be used for other appliances such as under fridge freezers ect.

The mat absorbs vibrations and reduces the running decibels of the appliance which is on top of it.  They are relatively inexpensive to buy ranging from $15 to $40.  Here is an example of one here

Option 2 would be to explore the mounting kit as I mention previously, however only vented tumble dryers can be mounted, the others would simply be too heavy, you can also mount them upside down making it easier to get to the controls and open the door to load your washing in and out.

Can Any Machine Be stacked using this mat?
Man on bike with a massive colourful load

Look at this poor chap in the picture, the load is too big for the bike we can only hope he made it to his destination without it falling off.

In terms of stacking your machines you can’t stack a dryer on your washing machine if it’s bigger than your washing machine.  You want to ensure the surface area is secure and there is no risk of your dryer falling off.

How do I install a washer dryer stacking kit?

Is stacking energy efficient?

Stacking is not going to do much in terms of energy efficiency it’s simply a great space saver for your laundry.

Do you Stack?

Do you stack your appliance?  Send us a picture or tell us about your experience, it sounds more terrifying than it actually is, it’s so easy to do and just think what you can do with all that extra space!

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